Member Status Levels

There are four levels of member status in the Society of Western Canadian Artists. Each member begins at a General Member Level and can advance to the next status level through a jurying process. 

The four status levels are: 

General Membership Level: Non-Juried. Entry level. May submit work for critiques and participate in workshops. Has voting privileges at member meetings. May volunteer for most positions. 

Exhibiting Status Level: Juried. Member is an emerging artist whose work could be accepted in shows or exhibitions. Members may enter SWCA competitions. May volunteer for most positions. Active volunteerism in SWCA required at this status level in order to advance to the Associate status level.

Associate Status Level (ASWCA): Juried. Member consistently shows an above-average proficiency in their work. Shows good understanding of composition and technique, and is developing some artistic continuity in their work (ie. theme, style). Has developed a CV and artist bio. Beginning to receive ongoing recognition for their work from peers, professionals and/or public. Required to attend the next available Juror’s Workshop after achieving status and, when called upon, to jury members into Exhibiting or Associate levels. May have opportunity to present critiques. May volunteer for ALL positions. Active volunteerism in at least one SWCA Committee is required at the Associate status level in order to advance to the Signature status level. 

Signature Status Level (SWCA): Juried. Member shows a high quality of artistic ability and his/her work should be of a professional standard and receive acknowledgement of professional status. Shows excellent understanding of composition and medium technique, and has developed a definitive personal style that is recognizable. Receiving significant recognition for their work from peers, professionals and/or public. When called upon, is responsible to jury members into Exhibiting, Associate and Signature status levels. May have opportunities to present workshops to members and be paid by SWCA. May volunteer for ALL positions. 

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Jury for Status events are held once or twice a year. Event notifications will posted in the Newsletter or emailed to members.

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