Monthly Featured Artists

June 2021

Teresa Graham

Alberta Roses / Watercolour

May 2021

Elaine Mulder

Walking to the Light, Sunset at Big Lake / MIxed media and recycled materials

April 2021

Frances Pelletier

Mind, Body Soul / Acrylic

February 2021

Carol Vaage

Spring Promise / Watercolour

January 2021

Wendy Bowman

Mama Grizzly / Oil

December 2020

Meghana Gauthier

Sanseveria Dramarama / Mixed Media on Paper

April 2020

Myrna Wilkinson

Lucy Goes for a Stroll

Lucy Goes for a Stroll

March 2020

Harvinder Lallh

The Blind Society

February 2020

Joyce McCoy


January 2020

Sue Scott

Vases for Flowers

December 2019

Vicky van Andel

Wild Bush Roses

November 2019

Anita Nawrocki 

North, South, East, West (set of 4)

September 2019

Deb Achtymichuk

The Rainbow Connection (from photo by MaryBeth Doiron)

June 2019
Diana Templeton

Contemporary Reimagining

May 2019 

Frances Pelletier


April 2019 

Wendy Bowman

Eye on You 2

March 2019 

Cynthia Clarke

Foyer, La Padrera, Gaudi Hotel, Barcelona

February 2019 

Denis Bouvier


December 2018 

Eveline Garneau

Valley Zoo's Littl'uns Series - Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey

November 2018 
Louise Bouvier

Plumeria Flowers

October 2018 
Carolyn Agopsowicz

Edmonton Governor’s House

June 2018 
Nancy Sorensen

Music Festival

May 2018 
Al Oleschuk


April 2018 
Donna Chamberland

First Sign of Spring - Crocuses

March 2018 
Sue Scott

Nada: Inner Sound

February 2018
Greg Milne

The U Bar Ranch

January 2018
Carol Pylypow

The Commuter

December 2017 
John Labots

42.8 (Songs at Nightfall)

November 2017
Myrna Wilkinson

A Breezy Day in Nova Scotia

October 2017 
Karen Haines

Hints of Green

September 2017 
Brenda Heine

Boats at Pyramid Lake

June 2017 
Patti Sorenson


April 2017 
Harry Abbink


February 2017 
Matt Dekker

January 2017 
Elizabeth Ekstrom

Spring of the Year Pigeon Lake

November 2016 
Shirley Kinneberg

The North Saskatchewan River

October 2016 
Marilyn Hodysh

Still Life ...

September 2016 
Kevin Jones

The Ambush

June 2016 
Tammy Taylor

The Stand

April 2016 F
Vicky Van Andel

Spring Blossoms

March 2016 
Trueman Macdonald

Connected 2C.1

February 2016 
Kathy Dyck

Golden Poppies

November 2015 
Keith Macpherson

Coffee Break

October 2015 
Judith Leonard

April Sky

June 2015 
Arlene Bowles

Jan's Iris

May 2015 
Shirley Adams

Norway Tromso

March 2015
Carleen Ross

Where Heaven and Earth Meet

February 2015 
Kathy Koziak

The Yawn

November 2014 
Laurel Hawkswell

Nature's Palette

October 2014 
Lorraine Jones

Bygone Days / Watercolour

September 2014
Betty Jess

Spring Bouquet / Watercolour

May 2014
Joyce McCoy

Heritage Wheels / Watercolour

April 2014 
Catharine Compston

Winter Shadows at the University Farm / Soft Pastel

March 2014 
Katalin Dusek

Canola Sunshine / Watercolour

February 2014 
Sue Scott

Listen / Acrylic

December 2013 
Anne McCartney

Hoodoos / Watercolour

November 2013 
Lesley Lambert

Lake Magog / Oil

October 2013 
Myrna Wilkinson

Summer Cherries / Watercolour

June 2013 
Ruth Harris

Oops / Oil

March 2013 
Marjorie Thomson

Yellow and Gold / Watercolour

February 2013 
Ardath Buckaway

The Three Bears / Oil

January 2013 
Judy Rikley

Clearwater Evening / Watercolour

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