January 2020

Feature Artist

Sue Scott

Vases for Flowers / 15.5” x 19” / Watercolour  

Message from the Past-President

We are starting a New Year and a new decade!  WOW. I just finished watching a few episodes of a family that "travels" back in time. They experience a decade at a time, each for one week, starting with the 1930's. Everything they did was how they did it back then.  Clothing, food, entertainment and what interested me was how they depicted the interior design of their house each time. The artwork on their walls changed quite a bit between each decade!  Do people change their artwork on their walls each decade??  I know that the paintings I have bought will be on my walls for many years to come as I love them all and each day, they bring a smile to my face.  It's interesting though, how each decade features a specific colour scheme, (i.e. 1990's - dusty rose and teal, 2010's - greys) so I am sure each decade has a specific feeling of desired artwork as well.  Remember the black velvet paintings? (Hee hee) What will our paintings evolve into over the next 10 years?  What will they call the style?  We've had Impressionistic, Cubist, Abstract, Expressionism, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Pop Art, Conceptual, Surrealism, and quite a few more.  Shall we come up with a "name" and start spreading it around stating it's the art form of the past decade???  Would it enter future art history books??  I mean, someone came up with the word "Impressionism" the first time and they very well could have belonged to a group just like ours. Something to think about, huh?

Now back to SWCA business. We have some gaping holes in the Executive. At the moment, we have no one in the first three positions: President, Vice-president and second Vice-President. This is a good opportunity to let the membership know that I am happy to put my name forward again for the President's position this upcoming March, but I need a VP and second VP. Being the Past-President now means that I am to lead the Nominations Committee as well.  Not sure if this might cause conflicts. FYI - I would love it if there is another member who wishes to take on the President's role as I would be just as happy to just stay on as the Past-President. So please consider one of these Executive positions. It would really look good on your artist's CV and it really is a fun and non-stressful adventure (not as some executive groups can be...really!!) If this interests you, or if you have any questions, you can call me directly at 780-489-1028 (days).

I am looking forward to this next SWCA year. Our Edmonton book shall be published (hint, hint - deadline February 29th!!) and there are some very interesting programs coming up to enjoy and learn from. Here's wishing you a very happy New Year and may your best of 2019 be your worst of 2020!

Eveline Garneau
Past President

January Program

Randy Hayashi - Acrylic Landscape Demo

The focus of the demo will be to create a compelling landscape with acrylic paint. We will explore the importance of design and composition before painting and how to simplify what you see in your reference photo. This will involve some different value studies in grayscale and then applying colour.  

Randy Hayashi - graduated from the Fine Arts program at Grant MacEwan College and continued at the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1990 and a Bachelor of Education Degree in 2000. Having worked as a graphic designer for over 20 years, he was eager to put the brush to the canvas again and began a full-time career as an artist in 2010. His work is represented in galleries across Canada and he is grateful for the opportunity to work from home as well as artist-in-residence opportunities through these galleries. Because of his love of the mountains, hiking, canoeing and biking, he tends to create images that are reminders of personal experiences. He enjoys the satisfaction that comes when his art resonates with the viewer’s experience as well.

People's Choice

If you are an Exhibiting, Associate or Signature member who has not won People's Choice in the past two years, you are invited to bring in one completed painting for presentation to the membership, to be voted on by all members.

Winners will have their artwork displayed on the homepage of our website for one month and shown in our website's Featured Artists section. This is a great opportunity to show your work – we all like to see what other members are doing. There is a winner for every 3 paintings entered, up to a maximum of 5 winners per event.

The following members have won in the past 2 years and will need to wait a bit longer before entering again.

Donna Chamberland
Cynthia Clarke

Vera Johnson

Deb Achtymichuk

Joyce McCoy

Sirkka Kadatz

Cornelia Hansen

Brenda Heine

Myrna Wilkinson

Carol Pylypow

Lorna Offet

Tina Mueller

Anne McCartney

Teresa Graham

Karen Bishop

Carol Vaage

John Labots

Patricia Sorenson

Eveline Garneau

Vicky Van Andel

Upcoming Programs

Just to get you excited about the coming year - here are the tentative programs for the next few months.  

February - Critique

March - The Gilded Rabbit will be showing what's new in the world of Art Supplies

April - Jean Peter's mini 1-hour workshop - Painting the Perfect Pine Tree. 

May - Critique

June - Pushing Boundaries 2020 – Where art and innovation meet

Members can send in suggestions for possible programs.  If you know of an interesting topic we should hear about, or a talented artist we could learn from - please send it in!

SWCA Exhibitions 2019 - 2020

SWCA Misericordia Hospital Show

NOW ON - Two hallways on the main floor

Take down will be on Sat. Feb. 1 from 9:00 am -10:00 am

Allen Gray Continuing Care Center Show 

Apr. 4 - June 6, 2020
Set up on Sat. Apr. 4 11:00am with take down on Sat. June 6 from 9:00am - 10:00am

Edmonton Book Committee

There will be a book committee meeting this month happening Friday, January 17th at 1pm at Signworks Plus, 15607-100A Ave.  Please call 780-489-1028 to RSVP if you plan on attending.

Member Announcements

This will be the section where members can announce their upcoming shows or any other artistic points of interest to the rest of the membership.  Please have submissions in before the last week of each month to signworksplus86@gmail.com.  Newsletters usually go out within the first week of each month.

David Shkolny

I have a few classes coming up in the new year you might find of interest:

From May 2 - 9, I will be teaching a class in Italy! The beautiful Hotel Leone in Montelparo has invited me to instruct a painting holiday. It is a fantastic location and good for both street scenes of old architecture and stunning countryside. From now until tomorrow (sorry, short notice) there’s a 5% discount on the holiday. Details can be found here:


As usual, I’ll be teaching at Series at Red Deer College this summer! I have a couple new classes I’m excited about: 



And looking to the late summer, I’m very excited and honoured to teach my first class at Hollyhock, on Cortes Island (a 10% discount on this class till the end of January):


There’s some interesting news for 2021 too, if I’m not getting ahead of myself - a castle in Southern France you say? Working on the details!

And finally, on the home front, if you are in Edmonton on the weekend, you can find me at the Edmonton Downtown Farmers’ Market, Saturdays, 9 am-3 pm and Sundays 11 am-3 pm. It’s located at 10305 97 St NW.

Also, I’ll be setting up a workshop at the Paint Spot very soon, check the website for details.

Al Oleschuk

Made contact with Edmonton's Drawing Guild and have invited them to our February meeting to tell us about their group.  Should be interesting!  

Upcoming Meetings

Monday, January 13

Monday, February 10

Doors open at 6:30 pm.  Meetings begin at 7:00 pm