September 2020 

Message from the President

I have had such a fun summer. Tons of gardening, getting creative with several projects around the house, reading, playing scrabble, etc. all because covid has definitely slowed down my workload and cancelled all my weekend face painting/airbrush tattoo gigs. Is this what retirement is going to feel like?? If so - then I am now looking forward to it! Or maybe this is what it is like to be "normal". I, like many of you, have always had at least 10 things on the go, work projects to tackle, ideas to explore, people to call, and this summer it feels like there are only a couple things on my plate at any one time. I am so much more relaxed and I think that is what I will remember my summer 2020 as. Relaxing! I hope your summer as felt the same.

We just got notification that the church is allowing use of their basement meeting area again starting September 1. So we would like to have a September gathering! Shall it be a BBQ outdoors at Laurier Park (next to Zoo) with the church space available as backup in case of bad weather or shall we just have an indoor "BBQ" at the church? What would you be more comfortable with? Please respond/RSVP by emailing to by September 7th. September is our Membership Drive Month and normally we would encourage you to bring a friend. But this year, we ask that you just come on your own. This way, if the meeting is indoors, we will stay within the church's allotted numbers and social distancing will be easily maintained. Please refer to the response list below.

Exhibitions Committee is asking for your input as well. Please see below.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and catching up with your summer news...from a safe distance! I'll want to give out hugs to everyone but I will stick with the token elbow bump...for now.

Eveline Garneau, SWCA President

September Meeting

Monday, September 14th, 2020

In order to find out if members even want a meeting yet, we ask that members RSVP to and give a single number response:

#1 - Yes, want a September meeting outdoors, with church space as backup in case of bad weather. Must be willing to bring own chair, face mask, cup & cutlery. Hand sanitizer will be available.

#2 - Yes, want a September meeting indoors at the church. Must be willing to wear a face mask. Chairs will be spaced 6' apart to ensure social distancing. Hand Sanitizer will be available.

#3 - No, I am not comfortable going to a SWCA meeting just yet.

PLEASE RESPOND BY MONDAY, SEPT. 7TH. Thank you in advance!!

SWCA Exhibitions

Our normal annual shows at the Misericordia Hospital and Allen Gray Continuing Care Centre have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. At this time there is a Capital 44 Show on until Sept 25 with take down at 7pm.

Exhibition committee needs your advice...

We need your input and we want you to be honest, even brutally honest, to express what you like about SWCA Exhibitions shows, the venues, and the process. On the flip side what could or should be done differently? What should not be done at all? We also need new ideas.

As SWCA Exhibitions Committee Chair, I would like the same perusal. I have a thick skin and will pay careful attention. This is all for growth. After 10 years it may be time for new blood. Maybe it’s time to step down, get a new chair, and so on. The so on leaves room for questions I don’t even know to ask.

I truly enjoy my time as SWCA Exhibitions Committee Chair but now we need your input to help bring more creativity to this committee and help bring forth more exciting adventures for others.

Your thoughts can be emailed to:

Thanks, Sue Scott (Exhibitions Committee Chair)

Upcoming Exhibition Idea

 Anita Nawrocki

I have spent the summer going for walks everywhere but it has caught my attention how easy you can find beauty in your own back alley. I would like to suggest that we put together an exhibition: Back Alley Beauty. The venue will be determined later.

Here will be some of the specifics for members to follow if interesting in taking part:

Submission goal - Seeing the beauty in unusual places.

Different Seasons of the year, different mediums to express a common concept.

The common elements of the back alley in western Canada.

Guidelines are:

  • 16" x 20" size
  • Media of artist's choice
  • No people but animals are fine to portray
  • Submissions must be created between August 2020 - September 2021
  • Entries must be submitted in jpeg format

Initial submissions at the end of January 2021 to include with application of show to gallery.

Curating of the show, if accepted, will take place about two months before showing.

To help start things - here is a link of reference photos that I have taken over the summer. You are welcome to use these for inspiration.

For more information, to indicate interest, or to send in your submissions click here

SWCA Book Club News

EDMONTON - Through the Eyes of its Artists will be available at the September gathering. Member's price $25 each. We only have about 40 books left from our second run!

Books are also now available at Chapters - 170 Street. We are now working to have our book available at the Royal Alberta Museum. They asked the question if there was an image of the new museum in it? We told them, sadly no, but there will be one in our next book! Hint, hint!

 People are already sending in their work for our next book project! SPECIAL SPOTS OF ALBERTA - Through the Eyes of its Artists will hopefully showcase our towns, cities, prairies, mountains, lakes, wildlife and all elements that makes Alberta unique and different from all the other provinces. We'll need a couple oil rigs for sure! Any questions or to submit your art as a high res jpeg format send to Remember to include a blurb about each art piece, what inspired you, or a bit of history of the subject matter, etc. Happy painting!

Upcoming Meetings

UPCOMING MEETINGS will be based on a monthly RSVP request with the uncertainty of Covid-19. Please, stay safe and stay healthy.