October 2020 

Message from the President

SHOULD WE...OR SHOULDN'T WE... have a meeting?

That is what the executive had been debating for the past week and then the decision was made for us this week by the Alberta Government stating to keep groupings to less than 15.

Heavy sigh..... so no meeting this month. We are so sorry.

We had such a fun meeting planned but all of it can be saved for a future month.

Would you like us to look into offering monthly Zoom meetings? How many of you have done a Zoom meeting? Does it scare you or excite you? Honestly, I haven't got a clue how we would manage it if all 80+ members say yes to a zoom meeting but I think we'd do our best to make it happen if it's something that is wanted. How else can we still make members feel like they are a part of a fun group? I would love any suggestions - please send them in to swcameeting@gmail.com.

What a lovely autumn we are having!!! The coloured leaves are staying up much longer on the trees and all my garden blooms are still going strong making such a beautiful colour variation of our yards. I love having a warm fall season and no bugs!!!! But wow, have you seen the spiders these days? Reminds me of my travels throughout Australia where they have house "pets" of the eight legged variety hanging out on their walls that are over 2" in diameter! Ours are getting close to that! They must be eating a lot of pesky bugs to get that size, so I am not complaining at all.

Have you gathered some Alberta photos that will make great references for your Alberta paintings? Hope so! It is going to be a perfect winter to paint them up. So I hope you are staying safe and healthy. Have a delicious Thanksgiving!

Eveline Garneau, SWCA President

November Meeting

November's program is going to be a critique.  Everyone is allowed to bring up to 2 pieces.  Artists will handle their own work (bringing up to easel and taking it back down), to ensure minimal cross contact.  More info in next newsletter.

Membership Committee News

It's renewal time and there are 2 ways to do your renewal.

First is to go to swcartists.ca and follow the membership renewal prompts.

Second is to send in a cheque to 15607 - 100A Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5P 0L5 ***PLEASE REMEMBER*** -Put the full name on the cheque: "Society of Western Canadian Artists" as our bank is really giving us a hard time if it's shortened. Please and thank you! 

SWCA Exhibitions

Misericordia Hospital Show

Oct 2-Dec 4
Take down Fri Dec 4 at 10:00am
Free parking passes for artists taking their art down
Please sign out art in lobby

Thanks, Sue Scott
Exhibitions Committee Chair

I have spent the summer going for walks everywhere but it has caught my attention how easy you can find beauty in your own back alley. I would like to suggest that we put together an exhibition: Back Alley Beauty. The venue will be determined later.

Here will be some of the specifics for members to follow if interesting in taking part:

Submission goal - Seeing the beauty in unusual places.

Different Seasons of the year, different mediums to express a common concept.

The common elements of the back alley in western Canada.

Guidelines are:

16" x 20" size
Media of artist's choice
No people but animals are fine to portray
Submissions must be created between August 2020 - September 2021
Entries must be submitted in jpeg format

Initial submissions at the end of January 2021 to include with application of show to gallery. Curating of the show, if accepted, will take place about two months before showing.

To help start things - here is a link of reference photos that I have taken over the summer. You are welcome to use these for inspiration.


For more information, to indicate interest, or to send in your submissions click here.

Anita Nawrocki

November's People's Choice

If you are an Exhibiting, Associate or Signature member, you are invited to bring in one completed painting to be voted on by all members.

Winners will have their artwork displayed on the homepage of our website for one month, and shown in our website's Featured Artists section. This is a great opportunity to show your work – we all like to see what other members are doing. There is a winner for every 3 paintings entered, up to a maximum of 5 winners per event.

If you have won People's Choice in the last membership year (after August 2019), you are not eligible to enter at this time.

SWCA Book Club News

Now is the time to pre-order any books that you might want to give as Christmas gifts. We have only approx 40 books left over from the second run. If more are needed to meet Christmas shopping needs, then we might need to order another run and that takes a couple weeks. 

Here are a couple photos: One is how our books look when getting mailed out to our customers - fun!! And the other is the sorting of all the entries. We have put everyone's entries (7 each) together and they will be available for pick-up at our next meeting.


Member News

Art by Locals - Doris Charest

St Albert artist, Doris Charest, has started a new website called Art by Locals, in hopes of getting local people to buy local Alberta art. The site aims to promote the arts and increase artists’ visibility. Here is the link: https://artbylocals.ca

The platform is free for artists to sign up, but members can pay a yearly subscription fee for additional features. The paid features include better visibility on the website and advertising through social media. With time, Art by Locals will add more content such as marketing tips and an education platform to teach artists how to grow their business.

The idea is a collaboration between Doris Charest and Connor Finlayson, a website developer and online marketer who recently moved to New Zealand to Canada.

“I was complaining that we, the artists, saw our opportunities for selling our work and our visibility disappear due to COVID,” said Doris.

Connor thought that an online platform dedicated to Alberta artists would be a good way to promote the local art sector. He developed this kind of platform in New Zealand for online freelancers.

Both artists and customers can now go to one location to find artists. Customers no longer have to search dozens of sites for what they want.

The greatest benefit is that Albertans can hire local artists for their projects. They no longer have to search outside of the province or country to find someone that meets their needs.

This project will enhance the artistic experience of diverse publics and encourage the participation and engagement of Albertans with the visual arts. Albertans learn more about the visual arts and the artists will have greater visibility in the community.

Invitation from Rick Rogers

Home, Home on the Brink is a new collaborative body of work by Pam Baergen and Rick Rogers, showing at The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse for the month of October.

Pam and Rick reconnected after a gap of a few years in a Zoom get together for artists in July. Their art had been paired by a gallery in a past exhibition and this Zoom discussion reminded them how compatible their art-making approaches were. So, when an exhibition opportunity was presented to Pam, she reached out to Rick to explore the possibility of collaborating.

It began with a discussion of how the pandemic had such a broad and deep impact on peoples' lives. They talked about the scarcity of clear choices while navigating new normals; about people being "out of their element"; about adapting to otherness imposed without warning; about the edges of being human. What are people willing to change or lose, to survive? And how gains in resilience can come at the price of a loss of natural habitat and habit/culture.

You are invited to take in this exhibition of collaborative mixed media (collage, acrylic media, and photography) works by Pam and Rick. And please support The Carrot by enjoying a coffee or tea while you do!

Below is a sample of our work 'Cliff Sitters.'

Upcoming Meetings

UPCOMING MEETINGS will be based on a monthly RSVP request with the uncertainty of Covid-19. Please, stay safe and stay healthy.