November 2020 

Message from the President

WE ARE HAVING A MEETING!!! Mind you, it is going to be a Zoom meeting. We hope many of you have had an online Zoom experience already but for those of you who have not - it's really fun and easy to make happen. All you need is a computer, iPad or smartphone. The SWCA executives have been meeting this way since March and it's worked very well. For this first Zoom meeting, we'll have a quick catch-up of news and then dive right into the program portion - a critique by member, Rick Rogers. We hope next month we can introduce the featured artist part of our meetings, and reports from the Committee Chairs. We figured that we need to keep this first Zoom meeting as simple as possible. John will be sending out instructions via email.

Are many of you on Facebook? I just went to look at SWCA's facebook page and it shows that we have over 500 followers but not many of those are actual SWCA members. Interesting! I do not know who set up this page but it would be a valuable tool to help communicate to our whole group if everyone becomes a follower. The Facebook address can be found here. Then hit "follow". Current followers are posting their artwork which is always fun to see, but if it's another tool to bring news to our actual members, then I am all for it. Please take a moment to follow SWCA!

We are about to hit the cold season even though the weather is still beautiful right now. I am so glad that we have had such a beautiful fall season. Hopefully so much sunshine has recharged our body batteries so we can handle the next few months coming up. Did everyone get a few photos of interesting back alley scenes? Anita is quite excited about the project.

Myrna Wilkinson stopped into my shop the other day and she had exciting news about our wonderful book. I asked her to write it down to include in this newsletter so please see Myrna's wonderful experience under Member's News.

Stay safe and healthy and keep painting!

Eveline Garneau, SWCA President

November Zoom Meeting

Online Critique with Rick Rogers

Artists wishing to be critiqued will be asked to submit their images in advance by email. Please send your images to John Labots.

The deadline for image submission is November 6.

Rick will focus his critique on two broad concepts found on our Jury for Status scoresheet, Contrast and Impact. He will show how these work together and how it applies to all media and styles of artwork.

Contrast: Rick will cover a variety of different aspects of colour, composition and mark making. The types of contrast discussed and their impact on overall composition will depend on the individual works, since each artist makes use of different types of contrasts, either intentionally, or due to their personal aesthetic preferences:

  • Contrasts of colour: value, hue (incl. temperature), and saturation.
  • Contrasts of composition elements: shapes, groupings, repetition, scale, and visual pathways.
  • Contrasts of mark making: pattern (visual texture), physical texture, brushstrokes and line.

Impact: Rick will provide feedback regarding the elements that the artist chose to create impact in their work, and whether any of these elements could be altered to increase effectiveness.

Standards Committee News

Jury for Status

The online applications for Jury for Status are now available. Exhibiting level applications will be juried online. Arrangements for a location will need to be made for “live” jurying of Associate and Signature applications and is dependent on the number of applicants. The deadline for applications is November 16. Log into the website and go to the Members Only > Application for Status Change to find the application form.

SWCA Exhibitions

I have spent the summer going for walks everywhere but it has caught my attention how easy you can find beauty in your own back alley. I would like to suggest that we put together an exhibition: Back Alley Beauty. The venue will be determined later.

Here will be some of the specifics for members to follow if interesting in taking part:

Submission goal - Seeing the beauty in unusual places.

Different Seasons of the year, different mediums to express a common concept.

The common elements of the back alley in western Canada.

Guidelines are:

16" x 20" size
Media of artist's choice
No people but animals are fine to portray
Submissions must be created between August 2020 - September 2021
Entries must be submitted in jpeg format

Initial submissions at the end of January 2021 to include with application of show to gallery. Curating of the show, if accepted, will take place about two months before showing.

To help start things - here is a link of reference photos that I have taken over the summer. You are welcome to use these for inspiration.

For more information, to indicate interest, or to send in your submissions click here.

Anita Nawrocki

SWCA Book Club News

Alberta Book News

Images of Alberta have started coming in! We hope members were able to get out and take some reference shots over the summer and fall seasons. Enjoy putting paint to canvas (or paper) over the winter months as we are hoping that by next September, we will have enough for this book. Remember that we can have lots of images of our cities and towns, not just mountains and prairies, though those are very important as well. These do not have to be new paintings. If you have done images of Alberta scenes in the past, dig them out! All submissions should be sent to with title, medium, size and a one-paragraph blurb about the image. Have fun!

Edmonton Book News

We still have copies of "EDMONTON - Through the Eyes of it's Artists" available for the upcoming holiday season!  Check out to order or call Eveline at 780-489-1028 to order.

Member News

From Myrna Wilkinson:

On August 23rd, our church had an outdoor farewell picnic for our Pastor and his family. My husband Bruce, and I decided to give him a copy of the SWCA book "Edmonton Through the Eyes of Its Artists".

However, on the way to church I spilled my coffee into the bag the book was in. So before the picnic commenced, I rushed home to get another copy to give them.

Meanwhile, a friend at the picnic was paging through the spoiled artbook, enjoying all the art! When I returned he asked me if my painting "Old Meets New in The Garneau District" was still available and whether he might buy it. He said he has lived for years in a condo just down the street in old Garneau, and recognized the houses in the painting.

Of course I was delighted to sell it to him! He said he would get it framed himself. But then he asked if I might also permit him to use the painting to get Art Cards printed at a lithographer. (He has a business where he could use such art cards). I was happy to agree to that as well.

The Edmonton Art Club also makes lithographic art cards of some of the members' art to use for Sympathy or Get Well cards. They asked me to let them use this one!

So I am quite delighted and honoured that a painting of mine has been so much appreciated.

Mountain Adventures Art Show & Sale

Artist: Diana Templeton
Original watercolours (framed) and acrylic paintings
Plus “Edmonton - Through the Eyes of Its Artists’’ book
Great Christmas Gifts!!

DATES: Friday, November 20, 2020 7:00 - 9:30 pm
Saturday, November 21, 2020 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
LOCATION: Riverbend Community Centre
258 Rhatigan Road EAST Edmonton. AB

All COVID practices with be observed

Upcoming Meetings

UPCOMING MEETINGS will be based on a monthly RSVP request with the uncertainty of Covid-19. Please, stay safe and stay healthy.