December 2020 

Feature Artist

Meghana Gauthier

Sanseveria Dramarama / Mixed Media on Paper

Message from the President

I am sitting down to write this message on Black Friday and, this year, it really is a black Friday in so many ways. Both in world and health situations but also personally. This morning, I got a phone call from a favourite client saying that he has just been diagnosed with the virus and is not doing well. I got an email from my Face Painting boss saying that the Christmas Parties that had been booked over a year ago have all been cancelled this year and, this afternoon, my 16+ year old pup "Pip" is going to her final sleep. This is a day I will remember.

I totally understand that these are unprecedented times and I am actually glad that all the events had been cancelled as I would never want to be responsible for causing anyone illness, but the fact that it's going to be a day to remember is what concerns me. We all remember where we were when 9-11 struck or when Princess Diana had her fatal car crash, or even when John Lennon was shot (for some of us old enough...) as all of these were tragedies. Are tragedies easier to remember? Oh my, I have started this message as a real downer...I apologize.

I need to remember that there have been many good things that have happened this year! Last month's first ever Zoom critique meeting went very well! We did have a couple glitches in that about 3 people were not able to get in but we've figured out a solution and everyone should find it easy to log on this month. Please see PROGRAM below for all the details! Thank you to Rick Rogers for giving an excellent critique. We feel that critiques work very well in the Zoom format so we will be doing one every second month for the next while. So dig out those paintings that are giving you issues and have their images ready for January!

Another event to remember is that our beautiful book "Edmonton - Through the Eyes of its Artists" was published and over 450 families are enjoying it! We are very close to selling out the second run so if you want to purchase any for holiday gifting, please go to the website We hope to have this run sell out before the new year and then we'll start thinking about a 3rd run in early 2021.

The Exhibition Committee has been busy with several shows this year. Our Misericordia show has been extended and it's so nice to know that Misericordia patients, staff and visitors are able to enjoy it that much longer (and hopefully more sales will result because of this extension). This is a good thing too!

Over the year, I have heard from members sharing their personal achievements. Myrna's story in the last newsletter was inspiring, David Shone has finished a book of his family's history (over 1000 pages!), John Labots and Carol Pylipow have both been successful in selling their houses and finding new ones, Anita has started the idea of putting together a show highlighting our back alley beauty, and many more. All good things, and I will concentrate on those, rather than my one day of sorrow.

Does anyone have more good news stories to share? Please send them into I'll spread them into the next few newsletters and thus lifting our member's spirits during the colder months.

I wish you a warm and cozy holiday season. Please stay safe and healthy – when we are finally able to meet in person again, we want to see everyone!

Take care -

Eveline Garneau, SWCA President

December Zoom Meeting

Monday, December 14th - December ZOOM Gathering 6:45 pm - 9pm (ish)

Dress up in your Christmas finery (from the waist up), grab a hot chocolate and join in! The evening will include a quick talk from our featured artist, a general member chit chat session, a mini art exchange,and an art awareness game created by Harry Abbink and John Labots with a $50 gift certificate prize to The Paint Spot up for grabs!! You will need to be familiar with the Zoom Chat function to participate – and you might want to brush up on your art history. Should be both educational and fun! Official ZOOM invitations will come in a separate email prior to the meeting.

Mini Art Exchange

As in past years during our Christmas gathering, we have had such fun doing a mini art exchange and we feel it can happen again this year. It will be done a bit differently though so if you are interested in taking part - here are the guidelines:

1. All work must be original (no prints), and can be any medium/style.

2. All work should not exceed 5" x 7" in size.

3. The number of paintings put in (max 3) is the number of paintings you will receive back.

4. Email a good quality image of the work, and your name to and in the subject line, please put "ART EXCHANGE".

5. When we get your image(s), we will reply to you with a "ticket" number(s), depending on how many you put in. Those numbers will be put into a hat. As a painting is shown on screen, a ticket will be drawn and the ticket holder will win that painting. If you are that winner, please unmute your microphone and let us know! Should you "win" your own painting, please let us know RIGHT AWAY so we can put your number back in and draw another ticket.

6. Make note of the artist(s) of the painting(s) you won. If you want it right away, it will be up to you to contact them through the membership listing in our website and arrange to pick your painting up from them. OR you can make contact and arrange to make the exchange when we finally are able to meet again at the church.

7. During the whole process, members can "chat" their opinions of the paintings. Share good thoughts!

8. All entries must be received by the end of day, Friday, December 11th.

Social Media – Instagram Opportunity

We are working on raising SWCA's profile on social media! Currently, we have a Facebook group page which provides an open discussion forum for interested members as well as the general public (moderated by SWCA).

Our next goal is to populate an Instagram gallery page for SWCA and its membership.

If you are interested in benefiting from the exposure the largest, most popular art social tool available to artists, please forward your images to

Please note, SWCA does not take responsibility for copyright related issues associated with any social media site (Facebook, Instagram etc). If an artist has concerns, the addition of a copyright or text watermark to the image is recommended prior to submitting it to The placement of this watermark should be discreet and not seriously hamper the viewing of the image.

If you would like to learn more about copyright issues on these common social media platforms, please consult the following links and FAQs:[0]=Instagram%20Help&bc[1]=Privacy%20and%20Safety%20Center

Meghana Gauthier, Social Media Coordinator 

SWCA Exhibitions

Misericordia Exhibition

The Misericordia Show that is now hanging has been extended to February 3, 2021.

I have spent the summer going for walks everywhere but it has caught my attention how easy you can find beauty in your own back alley. I would like to suggest that we put together an exhibition: Back Alley Beauty. The venue will be determined later.

Here will be some of the specifics for members to follow if interesting in taking part:

Submission goal - Seeing the beauty in unusual places.

Different Seasons of the year, different mediums to express a common concept.

The common elements of the back alley in western Canada.

Guidelines are:

16" x 20" size
Media of artist's choice
No people but animals are fine to portray
Submissions must be created between August 2020 - September 2021
Entries must be submitted in jpeg format

Initial submissions at the end of January 2021 to include with application of show to gallery. Curating of the show, if accepted, will take place about two months before showing.

To help start things - here is a link of reference photos that I have taken over the summer. You are welcome to use these for inspiration.

For more information, to indicate interest, or to send in your submissions click here.

Anita Nawrocki

SWCA Book Club News

Alberta Book News

Images of Alberta have started coming in! We hope members were able to get out and take some reference shots over the summer and fall seasons. Enjoy putting paint to canvas (or paper) over the winter months as we are planning that by next September, we will have enough for this book. Remember that we can have lots of images of our cities and towns, not just mountains and prairies, though those are very important as well. These do not have to be new paintings. If you have done images of Alberta scenes in the past, dig them out! All submissions should be sent to with title, medium, size and a one-paragraph blurb about the image. Have fun!

Edmonton Book News

We still have copies of "EDMONTON - Through the Eyes of it's Artists" available for the upcoming holiday season!  Check out to order or call Eveline at 780-489-1028 to order.

Member News

Community COVID Collage - Call for submissions

DATE: Nov 17, 2020


I want your art!

I'm starting a new project for the coming months - Community COVID Collage!

I invite you, any of you, no matter where you live in the world, to create a small artwork that expresses a moment of your COVID experience... All expressions are welcome, (words, images, etc), as are all emotions and complexities of the navigation through a global pandemic.

The maximum size is 4"x6", and when it's complete, please mail it to my address. I will collect these artworks, and when a sufficient number arrive, I will begin to make collages out of this world experience... In an effort to connect us, express us, to tell the story of us...

If you have been struggling with how to navigate this incredibly intense and often overwhelming experience, take this opportunity to share some of your story... If you have been wishing for a way to share the hope that lives inside of you, take this opportunity to let it shine forth... If both describe you, do 2 and send them both in... No limits outside of the size and the ability to mail it.

I do not need your name; I do invite you to put a return address on the envelope just in case the post turns it around before it makes it to me; I would also like to track the locations in the world. I again, do not need your name.

Please note: by sending the artwork in, you are releasing the copyright and agreeing for it to be used as artwork in this project, to be altered in any way needed to fit into such collage works, and that it will be published for the world to see. All artwork will be kept anonymous.

Give your experience a voice. Be part of this story.

Mail to:
Haven Art Therapy Studio
P.O. BOX 435, Hay Lakes, Alberta T0B 1W0

Upcoming Meetings

Our monthly meetings will continue as Zoom meetings until further notice

January 11

February 6

March 8