October 2019

Message from the President

The Executive covered a lot of ground at our last executive meeting, so this will be a bit lengthy.  Please bear with me.

First, I would like to thank the rest of the Executive: Eveline, Deb, Sue and Lorna.  They have such positive energy and a sincere desire to provide the membership with quality programs, workshops, etc. They are not afraid to back up their ideas with the work needed to carry those ideas through to completion!  They make being on the Executive fun and uplifting. (And I have never, ever said that about any meetings before!)

Okay, back to the business of SWCA:

Survey Results

We had 25 people complete a survey.  This gave us a nice idea of how people were thinking about the club but was not enough to come up with definitive changes.  If you haven't completed a survey yet, please complete one so that we can make decisions based on what a majority of the members want.  So far: 

1.      Term limits for the President

18/25 agreed that the term could be 5 years. A couple of comments provoked discussion that we are continuing to debate. Two years just allows the president to settle into the role and start to feel comfortable with the responsibilities and activities of the club.  A third year could potentially create many more opportunities for new ideas/growth.  However, if the president was taking the club in a direction that the membership did not agree with, five years could be a long time. We discussed possibly having a shorter term (for example, three years) that could then be extended to five years if the membership voted to extend the president's term.  Don't worry - nothing will happen until we create a bylaw and the membership votes on that bylaw.  Everyone will still have a say in the end result.

2.      Jan/Feb versus July/August

The votes were almost split down the middle.  13/25 voted to continue having meetings in January/February while 11/25 voted to have meetings in July/August.  At the moment, we will continue to have January/February meetings. This is where the change to the bylaw saying that we will have a minimum of 8 meetings per year will be very important.  It will allow us to cancel a meeting in January (or any other month) if the weather makes travel impossible. 

There is also nothing that prevents us from having “informal get togethers” such as those we had this summer.  We can still arrange informal group plein air evenings or a visit to the AGA (etc.) if we want.  Those activities will just not be considered a “formal” meeting.

Thanks to Eveline, John and the Executive for their work on the survey!

Membership Drive

Thank you to Arlene for all the work she did getting membership renewals completed at September's meeting! 

We have organized a multi-pronged approach to advertise our club to increase our profile and encourage people to check SWCA out. We will be investigating:

  1. Advertising guest speakers/meetings/exhibits with local radio stations as part of their “public service announcements”

  2. Advertising guest speakers/events/meetings/exhibits in the newsletters of other clubs and art groups in Edmonton

  3. Creating posters to be distributed to community/rec centres, church bulletin boards, schools, store bulletin boards, framing shops, senior citizen complexes, etc.

  4. Weekly postings on our SWCA facebook page (Did you know we have one?)

  5. Contacting past members

This will be a prominent focus for the Executive this year. If you can help out at all (for example, dropping a poster off at a local community centre, store or church bulletin board), please e-mail me or talk to one of the executive at any of the meetings. 


We currently do not have a programs chair or a workshop chair. We are going to try a slightly different approach for the rest of this year. 

We want to promote the talent within the club and give a “perk” to associate and signature members (as individuals who provide a demonstration, a critique or offer a workshop are paid!)  So, we are asking Associate and Signature members to contact us/we will be contacting Associate and Signature members to offer a (paid) demo during a monthly meeting, offer the (paid) critique during a monthly meeting, or offer a (paid) workshop with the club. (Have I mentioned you will get paid?) 

The Executive is setting up the programs for October, November and December. We need Associate or Signature members to contact us to provide demonstrations and critiques from January on.

We are going to split up the work for organizing workshops. We will hopefully be able to offer three this year.  We are asking for individuals to volunteer to organize ONE (and only ONE) workshop. That individual will need to:

  1. Keep in contact with the workshop instructor

  2. Keep track of who is registered in the course/take registrations

  3. Keep in contact with the treasurer (Deb) and past president (Eveline – who gets the mailed cheques) to know who has paid their fees

  4. Help make/clean up coffee/tea etc.  

(There may be other duties to make the workshop run smoothly that I can't think of at the moment. ..)

For volunteering, you will get to attend that workshop for free. Once the workshop is over, your job is done!  Sue Scott is currently organizing our first workshop (Alcohol Inks on Foil) for November 9th. (See below for more information.) Thank you, Sue!

We would like also three or four people to contact potential instructors/demo artists/critique artists. We will provide you with all of the information. You only need to report back as to who would be willing and for which monthly meeting. After that, your job would be done!

Feature Artist

We currently do not have anyone organizing the feature artist. So:

  1. If you have not been a feature artist in the past two years, and are an exhibiting, associate or signature member, you are eligible. Please e-mail me if you would like to share your work at one of our meetings. We will have a sign-up sheet at the October meeting to sign up as a feature artist. If it isn't filled, I may have to threaten that I will force you to look at all of my paintings every time there is an open month!! I may even keep bringing the exact same pictures!! Trust me, you don't want that. Sign up! We have a very supportive group so if you have never been a feature artist before, it is an excellent first step to get more comfortable talking about/promoting your art.
  2. And we still need a Feature Artist coordinator. After our sign-up sheet is filled, all you would need to do is make a reminder phone call to the scheduled artist, help the artist bring their artwork into the building, help hang, and then help the artist remove their artwork. Easy!

Meeting Topics


We will be welcoming Daphne Cote as she is going to give a portraiture demo in oils. She plans on talking about techniques that can be used in all mediums and to discuss lighting techniques and more!


We will be having a critique. Get ready to bring one or two of your paintings that evening. 


We will be having a dessert potluck again. (Sugar high, anyone?) Would members like to do the small painting exchange again? The executive is working on setting up a demonstration for that evening. 

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of the president's message! I wish I could say there is a prize for you, but there isn't. You'll just have to settle for the pride associated with being well informed!

See you on October 21!

Patti Sorensen

President psorensenart@gmail.com

October Program

Program: Daphne Cote - Oils

We will be welcoming Daphne Cote as she is going to give a portraiture demo in oils.  She plans on talking about techniques that can be used in all mediums and to discuss lighting techniques and more!  She's open to lots of questions and is really looking forward to meeting our group.


Alcohol Inks on Foil Workshop: Frances Pelletier

Saturday, November 9, 2019 / 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Signworks Plus  | 15607-100A Ave NW, Edmonton

Parking is available in the lot on the east side of the building (156 Street)

SWCA Members: $40  Non-members: $50 includes supplies and refreshments

Minimum participants: 10 Maximum participants: 16

Try something new with alcohol ink. Wear your paint clothes and come prepared to have fun! Create two beautiful pieces. No experience necessary. All materials are included. Bring a sturdy surface to transport your pieces home to dry.

To REGISTER for this workshop:

Email Sue Scott (click here) with your contact information. Please include the name of this workshop in your email.

Upon confirmation of your acceptance, mail your cheque to:

Society of Western Canadian Artists

Attention: Workshops Committee

15607-100A Ave NW, Edmonton

OR give a cheque/cash to Sue Scott at the SWCA October meeting.

Please make cheques payable to Society of Western Canadian Artists. Do not use the abbreviation SWCA on your cheque, as the bank insists on the full name to be written out.

 Standards Committee

Jury for Status – Fall 2019
General to Exhibiting  /  Exhibiting to Associate  /  Associate to Signature

Notification of the online application for Jury for Status will be sent as a separate email to members very soon. Watch for it!

Advance applicants will be informed prior to other members. There will be limited applications available. 

Jury for Status for General to Exhibiting will be ONLINE only in early November, and will require high resolution quality images to be submitted at the time of application. Please ensure this is possible before completing the advance registration.

Jury for Status  for Exhibiting to Associate, and Associate to Signature will be ONSITE only and plans are in place for it to occur just before to the November monthly meeting.To be confirmed.

Jury Workshop:

A Jury Workshop is planned later in the year after the next Jury for Status or in early 2020. Details are still being worked out. This workshop is a requirement for new Associate members who have attained this level recently or who have not taken it before. The workshop will also be open for Associate and Signature members who wish to take it again as a refresher course.  Watch for more details coming soon.

SWCA Exhibitions 2019 - 2020

Allen Gray Continuing Care Centre

5005-28 Ave. NW, Edmonton

Sat. Oct. 5 11:30 a.m. – Sat. Dec. 7, 2019 

Allen Gray Continuing Care Center reception Friday, 

Oct. 18 from 4:00 - 6:30 pm to “Meet the Artists” - Harry Abbink, Sue Scott, Teresa Graham, Brenda Heine, Tina Mueller, Carol Polypow, Frances Pelletier, and Meghana Gauthier.

There will be snacks and refreshments as well to enjoy along with art, smaller items, and prints to enjoy and buy. Cash bar at end of hallway.

Thank you to Teresa Graham for taking the pictures of the show!

Misericordia Hospital Show Call for Entries:

Dec. 7, 2019 11:00 a.m.– Sat. Feb. 1, 2020 9:00 a.m.

Location: Misericordia In-house Gallery, 16940 - 87 Ave, Edmonton

Deadline for entries: Dec. 4, 2019

Show located in main floor hallways. Feature wall of smaller specially priced works ($100 and under) will also be available.

Members who can apply: Exhibiting, Associate, Signature status levels

Number of paintings needed for show: 40 - 60

Number of submissions allowed for each artist: Up to 3 pieces/artist for main hallway and 1 piece/artist for smaller works ($100 and under) for feature wall.

Commission structure: 20%

Submission Requirements:

Please send your entry information to the dedicated email for this show: swcamisfall2019@gmail.com

The following information must be in your email:

  • Artist's name
  • Phone
  • Title
  • Medium
  • Size (including frame)
  • Price
  • All artwork submitted must meet SWCA Exhibition Standards (click here)

Artists must participate in setup and takedown of the show unless they have made other arrangements.

Any questions about this show can be sent to swcamisfall2019@gmail.com

Café Blackbird

Mar. 29, 2020 –  Apr. 26, 2020

44 Capital Boulevard

May and June, 2020

Edmonton Art Book Project

Book Committee

We had a very interesting meeting in September and it was decided that the point of putting out a great book is not always about the deadline, but more about making sure there is enough great work in the book.  We do not have enough paintings in yet to make this a perfect book. So the deadline has been extended. Knowing that Christmas is a busy time for most, our new deadline is Saturday, February 29, 2020. As 2020 is a leap year, we thought this to be a fun day to make as our deadline.

Carol Pylypow has started to make the entries ready for the jury process. There are some paintings that if chosen for the book, will have to be photographed again, due to blurriness or some other photographic issue but we will not worry about that now. Thank you Carol for starting this process. Again, you are able to enter up to 5 paintings that say Edmonton to you.  We do have a great selection of cityscapes and river valley paintings. What we are missing are of the other chapter categories. Be creative and have fun!


Fall Art Shows:

Upcoming Meetings

Monday, October 21st

Monday, November 11th, Remembrance Day

Doors open at 6:30 pm.  Meetings begin at 7:00 pm

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